Core Values


We serve our neighbors from our hearts

We care deeply for and respect all of our neighbors in our community

We practice the Lord’s Golden Rule

We are sensitive to the needs of others, assisting with life-changing solutions

We think, speak and act out of the Love, Truth and Grace we have learned from Jesus Christ


We serve by the highest personal and professional standards of integrity and performance

We believe in the virtues of working hard and giving our very best effort in all things, big and small

We will show up early and stay late to complete the task

We deliver on every commitment, above and beyond what is expected

We will be humble in our service; no task is too low, no challenge is too high

We are team players, committed partners, community servants and faithful stewards

We believe what is best for our community is best for us

We openly share our time, talent and treasure


We are an uplifting force for good in our community

We provide ongoing learning opportunities for inner-city kids

We motivate inner-city kids to explore God’s creation through literature

We assist librarians, teachers and school leaders by providing education tools and resources

We encourage parents and promote strong families

We demonstrate our extraordinary passion for our mission through aggressive action

We continuously improve our outreach programs to serve students and schools more effectively

We ask the Lord to provide resources and to expand our territory for serving more of His Kingdom